Managers and employees can also inform their networks of the open position by providing a status update to enable you to reach a larger audience. Execs are brand ambassadors and thought leaders. They establish trust, credibility and extend reach in ways that employees cannot. We don’t add all followers at the same time. This is another way to ensure your account is secure and avoid warnings. 2. Click Save to connect your LinkedIn account with Phantombuster. A LinkedIn group for your event will allow guests to connect before and after the event. It will serve as an area where they can ask questions and participate in discussions about the event’s topic. One of the benefits that is often overlooked is having the ability to get live feedback while planning the event’s details with polls and discussions topics.

Explore various groups to determine which is the most appropriate for your event. Instead, look at the rules of the group mostly posted on the right sidebar. Then browse through the threads to see what topics people are interested in. When contacting the group’s administrators, the personal approach is the best option. If your event is truly an ideal fit, then contact the group’s admins to request them to announce your event to the group. As the administrator of your personal LinkedIn group, you’ll be able to post updates from your company regarding the event,  registration links  other details about the event. This will let you find the next company. LinkedIn will automatically suggest groups that match your search term when you type it.

The search bar at the top of the page makes it easy to locate groups that share your interests. Although marketers dominate using the platform to generate leads but very few are using it to promote events. Tell them why your event is a good fit to advertise to their group, and then share key information dates and ticket prices and registration link, etc. . You would not walk into a room of strangers and start screaming an advertisement for your event, so don’t try to do the same thing on the internet by joining a group only to post links to your registration page. Don’t  shout, “Great post! Request  what you need. They will broadcast the event to their followers.